Thank you all for your patience as we rebuilt our site on Shopify. All Kanberra products are available again. We will add more products in the future.

efficientliving was established in 2010. The hope was that we could create a little business to gainfully employ my autistic son Charlie. Thanks to you all, Charlie wakes up 6 days a week with a purpose to pick, pack and ship your orders immediately. We are so grateful to you all and the folks at Kanberra Group who have supplied us with great Kanberra Gels and Sprays for all of these years. Charlie is 27 now. 38 years until retirement!


Discount Codes

Use the following codes for discounts based on your order size in dollars.

100 for 10% off on orders over $100

250 for 15% off on orders over $250

500 for 20% off on orders over $500